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Deliciously Nut Free Care Package

A College Care Package That’s Deliciously Nut-Free. Because College Students with Nut Allergies Deserve Care Packages Too!

$ 40.00 USD
$ 40.00 USD

A College Care Package That’s Deliciously Nut-Free, Because College Students with Nut Allergies Deserve Care Packages Too! If your college student has nut allergies, you know how difficult it can be to find nut-free foods, especially on a college campus. That’s why we put together this college care package with tasty treats that are all nut-free! Surprise your college student with a care package designed especially for them. Whether it’s their birthday, a holiday, finals week, or just an ordinary day, they’ll love receiving this box of their favorite nut-free snacks.  Goodbye, Nuts — Hello, Worry-Free Snacking! Having a food allergy adds extra stress to your college student’s already stressful life. Looking for a way to help them finally relax? Send this nut-free care package straight to their college campus for a whole box of worry-free snacks! We’ve got it all, from salty to sweet to sour, packed into one convenient care package.A No-Nut Finals Week Surprise There’s no better time in the schoolyear to send a college care package than during finals week. It’s time for your college student to stock up on nut-free comfort food with this box of yummy, allergy-friendly study snacks. Plus, all of the products in this care package are super portable, which makes them perfect for eating on the go. Whether your college student is rushing out the door in the morning or up late studying, they’ll always have something to snack on, thanks to these grab-and-go treats.  All of the Best Nut-Free College SnacksYour college student has been dealing with their nut allergy for a long time, so they know the drill by now—always double-check and carry an EpiPen, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. But eating at the campus dining hall with limited options might have them feeling a little, well, nuts! Remind them that there are plenty of deliciously nut-free snacks out there like . . . Microwave Popcorn and EatSmart Veggie SticksWheat Thins and PopCorners Popped Corn ChipsCheez-Its and Chex MixRice Krispies Treats and Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies Animal Crackers and Oreos Milk Duds and Tootsie Pops Airheads and Mike and IkesAnd more!Make your college care package extra special with a personalized greeting card. You can add a message of up to 75 words at checkout.

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