Feed the Soul with Breakfast

Feed the Soul with Breakfast. If food is love, this is the ultimate expression for your post-grad. Nothing says “I love you” quite like a comforting meal warm from the kitchen.

$ 89.99 USD
$ 89.99 USD

Feed the Soul with BreakfastIf food is love, this is the ultimate expression for your post-gradNothing says “I love you” quite like a comforting meal warm from the kitchen. You might not be able to be there to cook it for them, but sending this gift basket is like sending a big hug wrapped in a fresh scone and cuppa joe. Send your loved one a reminder of just how much you value your their place in your life with this yummy gift basket! From coffee to pancakes, this gift basket brings the comfort of the countryside breakfast to your loved one’s doorstep.A gift package that makes a practical meal something special Everybody needs food to fuel their day ahead, even if it’s a lazy weekend brunch or a break in an all-nighter. Why not make their breakfast extra-special and yet easy-peasy? Scone and pancake or waffle batter that’s pre-mixed and measured cuts down on prep time, while gourmet coffee sings its siren song from the percolating pot. This gift basket is a real country treat for those who need a little something extra to get them going in the morning! Perfect for post-gradsWhether your post-grad has decided to join the workforce or attend graduate school, this gift basket helps treat them to a warm, hearty country breakfast any day of the week. Perfect for those mornings when they need a taste of home or the comfort of a weekend morning during the middle of a hectic schedule. It also makes a great reward for making it through a long week of projects, early mornings, and working late nights. Start the day out rightHelp your post-grad start their day out right with a taste of country-style home-cooking. Not only will it fuel them for their day ahead, it will also feed their soul with feelings you can’t get from cold cereal and a k-cup machine. Give them a mid-week taste of weekend with:Gourmet coffees to caffeinate deliciously Traditional scone mix ready to whip into the oven, plus blueberry jam for slathering while they’re still warm from bakingButtermilk pancake mix to pair scrumptiously with real New Hampshire maple syrupMaine blueberries bursting with goodness Ham for protein and to provide a salty contrastAll wrapped up in one complete package! Whether they make it all at once for a weekend treat or split it up into bite-sized pieces of delight for each morning, our Country Inn Breakfast Gift Basket is sure to be a hit! Remember, if your post-grad lives out of town, you might want to add a little uplifting message with this gift basket.

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