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Leaning Tower of Snackage

The Leaning Tower of Snackage An ode to the savory snacker inside all of us. Sending sweet treats definitely has a place in college life, but savory is just as appreciated.

$ 39.99 USD
$ 39.99 USD

The Leaning Tower of Snackage, An ode to the savory snacker inside all of us. Sending sweet treats definitely has a place in college life, but savory is just as appreciated. Sometimes sweet can overwhelm, and when a college student craves a late-night or study-break snack, sometimes sweet is just too much. We have the perfect solution for that! The buzz-kill that satisfiesSavory snacks fill up without causing sugary overload or hyperactivity. So they’re perfect for any time of day or night-- and let’s face it, college is filled with a lot of late- and all-night study sessions! You don’t want your college student snacking on so much sugar they can’t get what little sleep they can manage, so savory is the way to go! Enough to go aroundStudy sessions with friends often happen around food. Since more likely than not the dining hall will be closed by the time everyone has a chance to gather around the table to compare notes and quiz each other, a care package of salty and cheesy snacks is just what the doctor ordered! This care package has more than enough to go around, with leftovers! And what about movie night? Encourage your college student and their friends to take a night off from studying and relax with some movies, Netflix or Hulu and plenty of snacks to go around. With this tower of snackage, all they need to add are some drinks and places to hunker down and sit! Variety is the spice of lifeSnack food cravings can be very specific, and this gift basket has something to satisfy everyone. But whether your college student wants one thing in particular or just has the general munchies, the contents of our Sweetest Treats Gift Tower are sure to delight: Stoned wheat crackers-- pair with the Spicy Veggie Cheddar Cheese for a kick (or eat plain if feeling nauseous) Buffalo Popcorn-- majorly addictive! Roasted peanuts for crunchy proteinHoney Mustard & Onion pretzel pieces-- mouthwatering and tangy-salty Chichster Snack Mix, for those who want it all in one handful Cracked Pepper kettle corn for salty, sweet, and spicy all in one mouthful Almond nougat for a touch of sweet-- but not too sweetYour college student may need some help carrying this towering stack of snacks back to their dorm room, but there is plenty here to share with friends! Remember to add a sweet message to the gift at no extra charge to let your college student know that you’re rooting for them and their friends, too!

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