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Mrs. Fields College Survival Kit 24 Cookies Tin

Help Your Student Survive College with This Tin of Mrs. Fields Cookies Sweet, Sweet Motivation in the Form of 24 Cookies!

$ 44.99 USD
$ 44.99 USD

Help Your Student Survive College with This Tin of Mrs. Fields Cookies Sweet, Sweet Motivation in the Form of 24 Cookies!What’s the key to surviving college? The right study snacks, of course! Give your student a box of sugary sweet fuel that will help them power through even the most grueling study sessions. We make it easier than ever to surprise your student on campus with a gift that they’re sure to love.  Stress Is No Match For This A+ Comfort Food If you have a college student, you know just how stressed they can get throughout the semester. You can’t make their workload any lighter, but you can provide them with some high-quality comfort food that’s guaranteed to brighten their day! This tin includes a variety of 24 cookies from Mrs. Fields that will add a little sweetness to the most stressful times of the semester.  The Perfect Gift For Any College StudentTrying to find the right gift for your college student can be difficult. Take the hassle out of gift-shopping by having Mrs. Fields cookies delivered straight to them on campus! These cookies come packaged and sealed to preserve their fresh-baked taste and can easily be stored in your college student’s dorm room.  A Finals Week Pick-Me-Up Finals week is one of the toughest points of the semester. Whether it’s their first semester or their last, your college is bound to need a little pick-me-up during exams season. Show them that you’re cheering them on all the way from home with two dozen reasons to stay motivated!  No Special Occasion Needed Since when do you need an excuse to show your favorite overachiever some love? Remind your college student that no matter where they are, you’ll always be thinking of them by sending them something sweet just because. After all, one of the best times to receive a gift is when you’re not expected it! Make their day or even their week by surprising them with a cookie tin of their favorite flavors from Mrs. Fields.

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