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Organic Treats Care Package

Your College Student Will Love These Organic Treats. This College Care Package Is Filled with Healthy, But Tasty Snacks.

$ 50.00 USD
$ 50.00 USD

Your College Student Will Love These Organic Treats. This College Care Package Is Filled with Healthy, But Tasty Snacks. Refined sugars? Forget about them! Our new healthy care packages make it easy to give the gift of health to your college student—by sending a box of organic snacks straight to them on campus. Stocked with delicious and satisfying treats, we curb the study munchies for good with wholesome snacks and healthy bites to keep your student energized, motivated, and focused.  Ace Eating Right with Some Healthy College SnacksMaintaining a healthy diet in college isn’t very easy. With no time to sit down for a good meal and limited options in the campus dining hall, your college student might slip into a lifestyle of quick, empty-calorie foods—and honestly, who can blame them? Show your student that eating right can still be taste good and fit into their busy schedule with these organic snacks! We know that eating on the go is a necessity for college students. That’s why we put together a care package with snacks that are not only healthy and delectable but are also super portable!Finals Week Motivation in One Care PackageThere’s no better time in the school year to send a college care package than during finals week. Give your student a much-needed pick-me-up by surprising them with a box of the best finals study snacks! Whether it’s a late night in the dorm or an early morning at the library, your college student will have something filling and nutritious (but also yummy!) to snack on.Organic Products That Still Taste Good Don’t let your college student fall for the lie that healthy-eating has to be flavorless and painful. These organic products are healthy versions of the most popular college snacks with delightful treats like . . . Pure Organic Bars and Stretch Island Fruit Leather, Late July Organic Cheese Sandwich Crackers and Peanut Butter Sandwich CrackersLaärabars and PopCorners Popped Corn ChipsEatSmart Veggie Crisps and Annie’s Organic Granola BarsBlue Corn Sesame Chips and Lucy’s Gluten-Free Ginger SnapsAnd more!Make your college care package extra special with a personalized greeting card! You can add a message of up to 75 words at checkout.

  • Pure Organice Bars
  • Stretch Island Fruit Leather
  • Late July Organic Cheese Sandwich Crackers
  • Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers
  • Lärabars
  • PopCorners Popped Corn Chips
  • EatSmart Veggie Crisps
  • Annie's Organic Granola Bar
  • Blue Corn Sesame Chips
  • Lucy's Gluten-Free Ginger Snaps

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