May 20, 2019

Healthy Care Packages for College Students

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When it comes to living the college dorm life, tight space and budgets can make the comforts of home that were once taken for granted seem like luxuries.  With the heavy workload being one of the many stressors for a college student, homesickness is not uncommon.

Providing students with a college care package is a great way to convey your love, and will certainly make the recipient’s day. Plus, these comprehensive purchases spare you the hassle that comes with gathering each individual component. Below are just a few care package options that will keep your student happy and healthy:

1. Gluten Free Baked Goods

Cases of gluten allergies and intolerances are appearing more frequently these days.  Luckily, colleges are increasingly rising to the challenge of providing options to those with this tricky dietary need. Still, options are undeniably limited, which can lead to frustration. Bake your loved one some delicious homemade cookies, brownies, or cupcakes using gluten free flour, or send a premade gluten free friendly gift package to your student.

2. Fruit and Nut Bars

For many college students, a significant amount of meals happen “on-the-go.” Fruit and nut bars give scholars something light enough to hurriedly store in a backpack, yet it’s much healthier than the chips and candy found in vending machines. Be sure to double check the list of ingredients on the label to ensure that these brands are safe for your student.  Kind Bars and Lara Bars are two great options here, along with these pre-made healthy care packages.

3. Vegan

Want to know a secret? Vegans aren’t the only ones who can appreciate these healthy care packages. However, for those students that steer clear of meat products, the dining possibilities might be a bit limited. Vegan care packages provide options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, guaranteeing that stomachs and taste buds will not go unsatisfied.

4. Wellness

The last thing anyone wants to do when sick is go grocery shopping. Sending a wellness college care package can help a student focus on recovery. These comprehensive packages bring soup, cereal, hot chocolate and other scrumptious foods, as well as health items like tissues, cough drops, thermometers and more. Some of the supplies included, like hand wipes and Lysol sprays, may even help your students to fend off future sickness.

5. Energy

Most college students skimp on sleep on a semi-regular basis, so snacks that give a natural energy boost will be put to good use. Many of the college care packages address this, with snacks like delicious Power and Clif bars, dried fruits and granola. While desserts certainly have their own upsides, sugar will lead to quick crashes if used as a main meal.

6. Stress relief

Stress happens to the best of us, and we each have our own ways of unwinding. Help your scholar relax with soothing teas and soups, found in many of our healthy college care packages.

Especially delicious in the winter, these hot liquids will sooth throats and anxious hearts, as well as provide health benefits. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to prepare.

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