November 23, 2019

Our 6 Favorite Fall Finals Care Package Gifts

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No one wants to talk about it, but finals are coming up quickly! If you have a child, friend, or partner studying hard to make it to the finish line, you may want to encourage or reward them for all their work this semester. One of the best ways to treat them is by sending a care package that will power them through their long study sessions and note cramming, while reminding them that they are in your thoughts.

Here’s a few of our favorite Fall final exams themed care packages that will make your favorite student say wow:

1.   The Survival Kits

For many college students, but in particular freshmen, surviving the final exam period is all about powering through it. On top of the time commitment it takes to study up on everything learned over a course of the semester, there’s the added pressure of needing a great grade. That’s a lot for students who may not be used to tests mattering so much for their future.

For parents and friends watching from afar, you can ensure that their study sessions are jam-packed with the treats and drinks they need. If you really want to impress, check out the Final Exams Survival Barrel. It’s a fun twist on the care package!

2.   The Warm-Up

We can’t forget that it’s also the middle of winter when students are taking their exams. And going back and forth from lecture hall, to dorm room, to library can get chilly. With hot food options limited and students constantly catching weather related illnesses like colds and flus, you may want to find a package that does double duty!


The Healthy Hot Soups and Teas collection is the perfect winter blend. The soups are easy to make for practically any college students. And tea lovers will enjoy the different blends such as Spice Yogi Tea and Honey Lavender Yogi Tea.

3.   The Healthy Choice

Speaking of healthy hot soups, how about a care package that takes into consideration special diets or dietary restrictions?


There’s the Simply Vegan that cuts out animal byproducts. The All Natural gives the best in organic treats you know any health nut will appreciate. And Hold the Gluten takes out the guessing game in what gluten intolerant students cannot have.

4.   The Get Up and Go

If your student is looking to avoid packing the Freshman 15, you’ll want to consider this while planning their fall finals gift options. After all, nothing’s worse than spoiling a great workout with bad-for-you treats. For those looking to stay true to their diet, check out the Holy Granola which contains enough healthy treats to get them through a power hour of studying.


Granola is a great morning snack, perfect for exam day. But for those who want something fresher, try gifts such as the Fruit Pack or the Fruit Pack and Cup of Inspiration. Your exam taker will be wowed by the breakfast of apples, oranges, and cereal. And they will love to celebrate their victory with some more indulging treats like Kit Kats and Nutella spread.

5.   The Good Luck Spirit

For all of the care packages, you can personalize a note that tells the receiver how much you are rooting for them. But much of the time, we think these gifts speak for themselves. For example the Spirit Pack combines all of the awesomeness of our favorite packages plus a box that is beautifully designed with an inspiring message. The Support Pack, Hang in There, and Right on Track are even more favorites that puts a whole lot of fun and encouragement in such a cute box.


With the right care package sent directly to your college student, you can show them just how proud they make you every day. And you can give them a bit of encouragement and support from afar. With so many options, there’s one for just about every fall exam-taker!

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