August 24, 2019

Parent's Corner: 6 Reasons To Send Your Student A Care Package

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With your kid going off to school, you may be missing those little moments you’ve spent together or the times you’ve spoiled them with a little extra attention. With them not at home or near by, it can be difficult to think of ways to show that same kind of love and attention all year round. That’s why we love the convenience and fun of sending care packages throughout the year. Whether to celebrate or to make the transition easier, there are so many reasons to send your student a care package today. Here's our six top reasons to send a care package.

1.   To Celebrate

Are you a mom who still sends Valentines or decorates the house in green for St. Patrick’s Day? Or are you a dad who hates missing out on birthdays or reasons to say “awesome job!” on a test or award? With care packages, you can be sure that no special occasion is missed. With holiday themed packages, you can send sweetheart messages  - while birthday packages come with balloons and party hats.

2.   To Stock Their Snacks

A sweet tooth should never be ignored! But with college cafeterias charging a premium for indulgences like chocolate and chips, your student may be going without. Be sure their dorm room pantry is as loaded up with options as it was at your house with one of our many snack filled baskets. From comfort foods like cookies and brownies to essential pig out food such as microwave popcorn and chocolate, there are so many options to get them through the year!

3.   To Take the Pressure Off

Midterms, end of the semester finals, big papers, auditions, presentations, internship applications -- even during your student’s freshman year, the stress can add up quickly. With care packages meant to send both boosts of energy and morale, you can say “go get ‘em” without being there. With customizable messages, you can even write out your favorite inspiring quotes or show them that you believe in them.

4.   To Welcome Them

Moving into the dorms can be scary for both you and your student, especially if they’ve never been far from home before. Just as you would a friend moving into a new home, shower them with a special gift to welcome them to their new home. Picking up that package at their new door may even relieve some major homesickness issues.

5.   To Improve Their Health

Care packages aren’t limited to snacks, comfort foods, and chocolates. There are several care packages that are designed for healthy eaters or those with food allergies. From gluten free packs to granolas and fresh fruits, you’re not limited. There are even care packages to be sent when your student is feeling under the weather, that's full of tasty soups and teas. Finally, if food isn’t what they need to stay at their peak, send a care package full of toiletries like soap, shampoo, and facial cleansers.

6.   To Just Say “Hello”

Care packages don’t have to have a rhyme or reason. You can send yours just because you feel like it or because you think your student could use a little random show of love. That’s what college care packages are for -- to make life just a little brighter with a special message from its sender!

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