October 1, 2019

Parent’s Corner: Our Favorite Fall Care Packages

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These OCM care packages can be a great way to connect and show that you’re thinking of them. Now that Fall is officially here and college is quickly ramping up, we’ve picked out our favorite seasonal care packages any university student is bound to love.

1.   Trick or Treater


Who says college students are too old to enjoy the spooky holiday? Candy is universal! Luckily, there are several amazing Halloween packages both big and small to choose from. The Trick or Treater seems to hit all the favorites from chips and chocolate to candy corn and sweets.

2.   Gluten Free Halloween


If your loved one has a food allergy or intolerance, or if they’re just trying to change their diet, check out the Halloween packages that take into consideration special dietary requirements. The gluten-free, vanishing vegan and hobgoblin healthy blend are great alternatives.

3.   Hocus Pocus Healthy Tea and Soup Mix


The Fall also means the returns of allergies, colds, and even flus. Becoming sick in college is a huge pain and hassle, especially if it is challenging to pick up the essential illness fighting comfort foods and drinks. If your college student isn’t feeling well or you want to plan in advance, send them teas and soups to warm up their bodies and give their immune systems a boost. This package will bring an extra big smile to their face with a spooky Halloween theme!

4.   Nitty Gritty Grooming or Primp it Pretty


Who says that Fall care packages have to be just food? Send some luxury by picking a personal care package perfect for your child. The Nitty Gritty includes college favorite AXE body products along with a Schick razor and Colgate tooth care products. The Primp it Pretty will have the lady feeling fresh all day long with care products including Simple towelettes and Vaseline lotion to moisturize from the new chilly weather!

5.   Out of the Blue


Living in a dorm, far away from the comforts of home and family, isn’t the easiest place to be for some students. When you’re missing home, you can feel more alone than ever. Helping freshmen settle in can be done by surprising them with a gift that shows you care. The Out of the Blue nails it with favorites like pretzels and animal crackers.

6.   Love from Home Package Plan


The Fall doesn’t have to be the only reason why you send a care package. However, it can be hard to remember the holidays or the special events when our own busy lives come in the way. The Love from Home Package Plan automates the gifts (and thinking!) for you. Everything from Valentine’s Day to final exams comes into consideration and is delivered in a timely fashion. And with a way to personalize your message, you can give more than treats — you can give words of advice or support that may make all the difference.

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