December 7, 2019

Parent’s Corner: 5 Fun Care Packages for Finals

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Your favorite college student is almost finished with fall semester. Just a couple more exams, and they’ll be out the door and officially on break! But what many parents and loved ones don’t understand is that those exams aren’t just any old exam. They are actually some of the most challenging tests your college student will ever undergo, and this causes stress, fatigue, and burnout.

Instead of just sending warm words of love (which are indeed needed), you can also ensure that they are getting a little bit of fun in their lives as well with a creative care package. Personalized to what they love, these options will put a smile on their face and help them power through to the final question.

1.   Winter Wonderland Holiday Gift Basket


The snow is falling, the temperature’s dropping, and all around the United States, students are stuck inside studying. It certainly takes the beauty out of the season! But you can make them fall in love with winter all over again with a Winter Wonderland Holiday Gift Basket. There’s chocolate wafer bites, Lindor truffles, and sea salt caramel and chocolate squares to munch on and remind them just how awesome the winter break is going to be (after they ace their exams)!

2.   New England Breakfast Gift Basket


If your college student lives on their own or has access to a kitchen instead of a cafeteria, it can be hard to worry over if they are starting their mornings off with a filling breakfast. After all, it is the most important meal of the day for a reason, and it certainly shouldn’t be neglected on the day of finals. The New England Breakfast Gift Basket is a treat for them to share with roommates and friends. Complete with pancake mix, New Hampshire maple syrup, and even locally grown fruit!

3.   Snack Break Gift Basket


If your student is dedicated to their studies, they’re probably neglecting their most essential needs such as sleeping and eating. But you can send them a reminder to fill that mind and the stomach with the Snack Break Gift Basket. It comes with organic snacking staples such as kettle corn and even protein packed trail mix.

4.   Tea and Cookies Gift Basket


With winter bringing in the chill, your college student will love a bit of warmth sent their way. This tea and cookie basket is carefully curated to include winter favorites such as Earl Gray tea with organic clover honey sticks. And when drinks are not enough, they can indulge on decadent chocolate butter cookie brittle or classic sugar cookies.

5.   Popcorn and Sweets Tin


Okay, it isn’t a care package, exactly. But college students LOVE popcorn, especially when it’s mixed with candy and sweets. But this tin is not just your grandmother’s favorite blend of stale popcorn. Your college student will love testing innovative flavors such as brown sugar and honey mustard popcorn. With favorite candy like Atomic Fireballs adding even more fun, they’ll dig the options. And even better, they’ll have enough to share with their roommates and study pals!

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